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We build fine homes with the luxury of modern efficiency and taste. When we build a custom home our number one priority is quality. Every aspect of the home is carefully planned and constructed to ensure a sturdy, worry-free home that anyone would be proud of.

We can also handle the permitting for you, which is particularly useful if you’re building near the ocean or a lake, or are unfamiliar with permitting in Maine.

Looking to improve your property?

We have many years of experience in the field of remodeling. Whether you’re trying to keep your period home authentic while including some modern luxuries and renovating it from top to bottom, we can help. Our professional and organized crew will make the job quick and efficient, which will save you money.

Our team of professional builders will remodel your home from the basement right on up to the cupola, and you will be happy to have them in your home. We can accomplish upgrades to your floor, walls and ceilings, doors, windows, trim and stairs. We turn basements into bright useable space, insulated and finished. All of our carpenters are honest, polite and courteous. We know how to build everything from basic windows and trim to elaborate kitchens moldings railings, as well as beautiful decks with composite decking and rails for natural wood that will last a lifetime.

You can count on our experience and feel good about what you can have us do. We will not cut corners.

Quickly and efficiently build large-scale buildings

We can accomplish the size and span of steel along with the more traditional exterior. We can customize any pre-engineered building to fit your needs — whether it is an all steel building or one of our hybrid buildings.

We have 20 years in the business in Lincoln County and beyond, and have provided steel buildings for many local businesses including: two local gas companies, a flooring company, a car dealership, a shipyard, a boat yard, a fisherman’s co-op, a marine construction company, a trucking company, an excavation company, and many more businesses.

We also specialize in building custom steel buildings for very large toys and have built airplane hangars for private pilots.

Looking for something a bit different?

Hybrid buildings have been a specialty of ours since our beginning.

What this means to us is building a steel frame building with web frame trusses and columns, then framing over with wood, then the sky’s the limit after that for size and taste making these ideal for small to very large.

A perfect solution for your boat or RV, and a building you would be happy with next to your home.

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